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The Serious Benefits of Using OEM Parts for Dirtbikes

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September 29, 2021 at 7:37:00 AM PDT September 29, 2021 at 7:37:00 AM PDTth, September 29, 2021 at 7:37:00 AM PDT

In the early 2000s, 75% of injured dirtbike riders were hospitalized. Since then, better traffic laws and safety precautions have decreased deaths by approximately 5% each year. 

Riding a dirtbike can be dangerous if you aren't practicing good safety awareness and riding a reliable bike. OEM parts help riders know that their equipment is not going to fail them when it matters most.

Whether that is flying through the air on a race track or heading up to the mountains for some fun with the family, OEM dirtbike parts will make sure that you are covered for any unexpected events. 

OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket

Arguably, the biggest question that consumers have is how are OEM parts different, or better, than aftermarket parts?

By definition, OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. Essentially, these are the same parts that your bike was made with. OEM dirtbike parts are usually only supplied by the manufacturer and generally cost more. 

They can also sport a warranty in some instances which decreases dirtbike riders' fear if something breaks down. 

On the flip side, aftermarket parts are third-party companies that recreate the parts that OEM has made. Why is this riskier? 

Many of these companies are trying to replicate or improve OEM accessories and parts, but you don't know if you are going to get the same performance. Because each company is different, you may find it more challenging to determine if the replacement part will be a flop or not. 

Yet, if you are on a budget then aftermarket parts have a larger field of competition which drives down the price. You can also find some pretty good equipment and accessories if you do your research. 

If you need your bike worked on right away, you will have more access to aftermarket parts and mechanics. Ordering an OEM part or taking it into a specific manufacturer is often a lot longer of a process. 

Lastly, most riders report that OEM parts give them more peace of mind. They also tend to have more reliability and durability compared to aftermarket parts. 

Finding Durable Dirtbikes

At some point, a dirtbike needs repairs. Just like a vehicle, dirtbike accessories and parts break down with use and time. Ultimately, you want to spend as little time possible searching for OEM dirtbike parts and more time riding. 

There are a few steps you can take when looking into dirtbikes for better durability. One of the largest standing debates is whether a two-stroke engine is better than a four-stroke engine

A two-stroke engine provides a quicker boost of power than its counterpart and is great for racetracks. Although this bike can break down sooner, it usually requires an easier fix. The smaller engine and design allow mechanics to easily locate the problem. 

Basically - less time taking apart and replacing dirtbike accessories leads to a quicker time back on the track. 

The four-stroke is a heftier bike with a slower response time. Labor is typically more expensive in a four-stroke engine because of the complexity of parts. It tends to take longer to find and fix the problem. 

Ultimately, if you want something that is beginner-friendly and won't break down as frequently then a four-stroke will be worth your efforts. Keep in mind, the cost can add up if you are rough on your bike and take it in for maintenance often. 

Best Dirtbikes

The brand of dirtbike you purchase is also linked to how well it will last. A better brand and dirtbike will have great manufacturers and replacement parts. You will also ride your bike for years to come. 

It is worth it to pay more money upfront for quality materials and parts. Yamaha is notoriously known as one of the best dirtbike brands. If you have something break down on your Yamaha then finding OEM parts is a must if longevity and performance are important. 

There is a reason Yamaha always ranks highly on dirtbike reviews. They are light, powerful, and have the ultimate control factor. The Yamaha YZ-250 is a common dirtbike that consumers love and one that you will want to purchase OEM parts if something breaks down for optimal durability. 

Honda is another popular brand with a great line of dirtbikes available. Honda's durable and reliable vehicles transfer over to their line of dirtbikes and motorcycles. Additionally, Honda prides itself in its long-lasting dirtbikes that hold up against wear and tear. 

The Honda CR-450R is an awesome bike for riders with a bit more experience and in the chance that something does eventually break down, make sure you visit a reliable OEM parts supplier for repairs. 

Additionally, if you enjoy motorcycles just as much as dirtbikes, many OEM websites that cater to dirtbikes offer OEM motorcycle parts and other accessories. 


Accidents happen. They can occur more frequently if you are an avid dirtbike rider. While OEM parts have you covered for when something inevitably happens, make sure you take proper safety precautions in place.

Bigger isn't always better - know your limits and the type of bike that you feel most comfortable riding. Also, make sure that you never out riding alone and pack along proper safety clothing and gear. 

While these bikes are meant to handle rugged and heavy use, they won't prevent you from crashing completely. 

OEM Dirtbike Parts

Even the best of dirtbikes need a bit of love and attention. When you are finding yourself needing replacement parts, look towards OEM parts for better reliability. 

While the cost will be more than aftermarket brands, you can have better peace of mind that your bike is installed with the best parts for performance. 

Check out a professional OEM parts site to order all your dirtbike accessories before heading out on the trail.