Pirelli Scorpion MX 32 Mid/Soft Terrain Tire

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$39.99 to $117.30


The Pirelli Scorpion MX32 tire (formerly known as the MXMS or MX Mid Soft) offers an incredible level of traction on a variety of terrains. If you are looking for a tire that will hook up and give you maximum control, you will love the MX32. The Pirelli MX32 is designed as a motocross tire. As such, it hooks up incredibly in soft, loamy soil that is typical of MX tracks. If you race competitively or just ride recreationally at motocross tracks, you will love it. However, this tire is not exclusively for MX riders. It works great in other disciplines as well. Its strength is primarily in soft and intermediate terrains (hence the mid soft name). The front and rear tires are designed similarly but with differences that work well together. One difference is that the front tire uses a directional arrow layout of knobs on the side. This allows the tire to really hook up while cornering and provide maximum traction. The rear tire, on the other hand, features a V layout of knobs down the center. This gives it added stability, particularly while braking. The combination gives the MX32 front and rear tires fantastic handling characteristics. The Pirelli MX32 tire is constructed with a double-layer rubber compound, giving it resistance to heat and dynamic stresses. This allows it to keep going for long periods of time without affecting its effectiveness even at peak performance, such as during a race. When you are running the Pirelli Scorpion MX32, you can count on excellent, predictable traction, giving you the confidence you need to reach your potential on your bike.

Specs: Superior straight-line traction on a wide range of terrains. Excellent cornering traction and stability with optimum control. Excellent durability with long knob life. Front tire based upon feedback and development from MXGP champions. Front tire derived from Scorpion Pro, with intermediate knobs that have been modified for maximum lateral traction and improved cornering in softer terrain. Maximum braking performance due to directional front design. Excellent grip and predictability in different terrains.

90/100x21 and 80/100x21 sizes

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